The Decision of a Lifetime

Going into the final year of high school one of the biggest decisions a student has to make is what he wants to do with the rest his life. For most people the next step is college, and the decision of where to go is not one that is made lightly. The situation is no different for high school student Adam Warner. For him, IU seems like the natural choice because both his mom and sister attended the university, but following in his family’s footsteps can come with positives and negatives which bring out some of the important factors that Adam, and many other high school students, have to consider when choosing how to spend the next years of their lives.

However, in Adam’s case, the positives seem to outweigh the negatives as he says that even though he feels some pressure to attend Indiana University, it is still the number one school on his list. He feels that the experiences of his family members while at IU, as well as his own, have given him a positive view of the school. While he is not completely sure of what he will decide, Adam likes the prospect of going to law school at IU since it is a career he finds interesting while still being a stable way of making a living. In this remark, it becomes clear that Adam not only has a plan of what his college experience might be like but what he will need to do afterward as well.

Adam Warner sits in front of the Sample Gates on the Indiana University campus. Adam is contemplating attending IU for college.

This well-balanced and organized outlook on his future permeates throughout every aspect of his personality. While he is not overly confident, he is sure about his ideas and morals. In his negative feelings of how he could possibly be living in his sister’s shadow by attending IU, he remarks that, “She was a very well- rounded student and that he is very grateful that he has someone like her to look up to.”  He also expects that many of the lessons he has learned from his family members, both about IU and life, will carry through to college and to his possible future career in law. Adam hopes that he will be able to use qualities that he possesses, such as his ambition, problem-solving skills, and ethical thinking, to enforce laws that have already been put in place.

Though many prospective college students change their minds on what they want to do with their lives, the qualities that Adam demonstrates will set him up for success no matter where he goes or what he does. For now, though, he still has a full year of running cross-country, working at Starbucks, playing tennis, and designing a yearbook to dedicate himself to so that his ambition will not go to waste.