The Friendship Chain

An experience worth doing. I learned a lot about journalism that I have not known about. The campus is big but that didn’t matter. What mattered was the people around me. They are very supportive and never are to ask any type of questions. The best experience for everyone to have.

Edwin Hernandez is not really liking his experience. However, he did meet someone he can connect something with. He met Evelyn Avina through Jacqueline on the way to class.

Edwin found out that Evelyn was from Chicago. He found it cool because he is also from Chicago. He wasn’t nervous to talk to her because he is a “confident person.”

They started off with small talks. He didn’t want to throw himself right there and then. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. Small talks were better than having a conversation.

“She has a joking personality and so do I,” he said.

Once he was able to talk to her more, that’s when he knew their friendship would be strong. He understood the type of person she will be and how it will impact his life. He has friends back at home who have a goofy personality but Evelyn’s was the one he understood better.

He wouldn’t have expressed himself like he does at home if he hadn’t met her. They both joke around a lot. They say the darkest jokes but they don’t mean it. They just want to have fun and make their other friends laugh.

Edwin likes going out a lot. He never wants to be indoors. He enjoys with those who can joke around with. He really likes experiencing new things with people he knows. He is very innocent looking, but once you know his goofiness, you would enjoy being around with him. He is the type of person that would want to explore. He’ll ask politely to someone to go with him. Although he may be scared, he will take risks. He’s just curious. “If she hadn’t open up to me, my experience here would have been bland,” he said.

Cindy Caballero also met Evelyn through Jacqueline. She was a bit nervous but quickly clicked. They started off with a conversation about Evelyn’s school. Cindy found out that Evelyn goes to a Noble school like she herself does. She started to ask questions to Evelyn to compare and contrast her school to Evelyn’s.  Cindy was surprised how Evelyn’s school worked because all Noble  schools should have the same system.

Their small talks started off in their photography class at HSJI. They talked more as their first day went by. Cindy felt much more comfortable talking to Evelyn. Cindy enjoyed her time with Evelyn. Their friendship bond is not strong but it’s pretty stable. She never wants to lose her friend she just met. She wants to spend more time. She wants to learn more about Evelyn.

Cindy really likes how Evelyn is very funny. She wanted to have fun and not worry too much about being tired. Evelyn is the only person that Cindy can talk to about everything. She feels like they’ve been best friends forever. She hopes that they meet again back in their hometown. She would want to hang out with her more often.

Cindy is an excited person. She may not look like she is when you meet her but she will be glad to meet you. Before she met Evelyn, she was upset about walking too much. Now that she met her, she doesn’t even pay attention to the length of her destinations. She always has something to talk about.