The Great Impact

Jocelyn Bustamente was “ snotty” and “stuck up” in 5th grade before transferring to Torres charter school, but she also claims that after transferring schools she had emerged into a new personality that had first sparked through a chaotic event that completely changed who she was.

She went from “snotty” and “stuck up” to “caring”. One morning her reading class was expected to complete a do now, however it had seemed to take an unwise turn, an unwise turn that went down hill.

A group of girls were all laughing because they were reading a personalized journal that had belonged to a girl who was disliked by everyone else. It seemed that Jocelyn laughed along because she felt like that if she didn’t, she’d become a victim that they’d want to bully as well, in other words she felt peer pressured.

After the enjoyable laugh that girls had, Jocelyn felt that the situation was serious, which led her to change the person who she was before that day.

Had Jocelyn been the victim instead, she then would want to stick up for herself, but where was that mindset when the victim had become the laughing stalk of a group, a group in which she was a part of.

This event did not only affect her life, but as well as the victim’s life. Being laughed at and having her personalized journal read by a group of girls, left the victim to feel helpless, or as Jocelyn also stated “ she couldn’t do anything about it because her voice was being over rocketed to make her feel silenced”.

Jocelyn claimed that because there were so many people against the victim, it meant that the victim’s voice didn’t matter. Jocelyn’s personality was changed by an event who had also affected the life of someone else. She felt that the change was difficult to have done, but she was satisfied with the new personality she had emerged into.