The Grind of Nellie Shih

Typical problems may happen in Nellie’s day-to-day life, but she does not let them grind her gears. Shih takes on multiple challenging courses, knowing that they will push her knowledge but in the end will only make her better. “My hardest class is my honors biology class. The teacher expected a lot out of us but once you figure out the system and get use to writing everything down it gets easier,” Shih said.

Understanding the importance of the advanced classes, Shih tells how she is preparing herself for college. On a normal day she goes with the flow of school but when a test is around the corner Shih’s gears start to move.

Aside from her academic grind, Shih tells off how the piano and flute take up a lot of her free time. “I go to a private school,” says Shih, “so you have a more one-on-one basis with teachers. If you can’t get something done or you have a problem, it can be solved. I think that relationship with the teachers is important so they are more understanding.” She believes even with bumps in the road, there is always a support system to help.

Shih isn’t the only one who faces hard times in high school but has her friends along side of her to be a helping hand. Although they might not have the exact same schedules, they meet up as often as they can throughout the day.

“If one of us is having a bad day, we ask them if they need any thing or to talk it out; otherwise we try to take their mind off of it,” Shih said.