The Importance of Passions

Passions are an outlet for stress

With a busy schedule and academic life, Grace Avery Grabner finds stress release in her passions. The life of a modern student is filled with activities and responsibilities that consume the majority of each day. With this kind of agenda being common, students are always searching for an outlet for their stressand Carroll High School Junior Grace Grabner is not an exception.  

   At sixteen, a large or sometimes overwhelming amount of stress is inevitable for a student like Grace. Her biggest sources for pressure in her daily life include studying and preparing for different tasks she faces daily in school. Also, she is involved in athletic activities, as she has been a swimmer for the majority of her years in school, along with an upcoming job at a coffee shop, and, of course, her position on the Carroll High School yearbook staff.  

   When it comes to recovering from her daytoday life, she chooses her relaxation techniques carefully. Some activities include listening to her favorite music and picking up a pen, which allow her to write down all of her thoughts from throughout the day. Grace has a love for these things because of the way they impact her feelings. “After an extremely hard day, I just listen to music and write poems. I also write little songs to just find the outlet to scream it all out calmly. 

   When Grace realized her love for using writing as an outlet for her feelings, thoughts, and ideas, she made the decision to join the yearbook staff for her high school because she thought it would be a perfect fit, and she was right. “All of my best friends were in it, I love journalism and just overall writing so I thought it would be fun to start something that could take time away from other things and not have a boring high school life, she said. Currently, she is a writer for the student life section in the yearbook. With a new interest in publications, it merges one of her passions and talents.  

The Importance of Passions

Eager to learn, 16 year old Grace Grabner is an upcoming Junior who attends Carroll High School. Grace was a student who was a part of the yearbook staff and enjoyed writing, swimming, and listening to music. “Journalism has been a main part of my life for many years,” junior Grabner said, “This camp is helping me unlock new things about it and create better goals to help my outlook on journalism”