The Personality of Rylee Garza

A girl of many talents.

Rylee Garza, 12, of Crown Point High School is the design editor on her schools yearbook staff. Garza joins a group of young journalist at a week long workshop on the IU Bloomington campus. “My favorite thing about yearbook is making mods and designing stuff for our book,” said Garza.

She renovates old houses, can speak another language, plays the cello, and she wants to study psychology in college. Rylee Garza, who does all the previously stated activities, is going to be a senior this upcoming school year at Crown Point High School.

She is the design editor on her school’s yearbook staff and has been for 2 years now. Rylee wishes to pursue a career in psychology. She is also in the bio-med club at Crown Point. In the club she studies autopsies and learns how to connect some of these things she learns about in the club to real life.

Rylee has taken three years of Spanish and plans to take another year of Spanish during her senior year. “I can almost speak fluently in Spanish,” Said Garza. Senor Gonzalez has influenced Rylee’s education and helped her to become a better student in Spanish.  “I believe that the only reason I’m so good at speaking Spanish is because I’ve had Senor Gonzalez for two years in a row now,” Said Garza.

Garza said “On the last day of school Senor Gonzalez gave me a dollar, which I still have to give back to him because I refuse to be in debt to him.”

In her Spanish class she can sign up to go on trips with the school to places like Spain and Puerto Rico. Even though she has never gone on a class trip before she says that she would love to go to either place.

One interest that Rylee has is renovating old houses with her mother. Rylee and her mother bought a house and has been fixing it up. “This is the first time we have done anything like this and I got to rip out all of the carpet in the house myself.” Said Garza.

Another interest that Garza has is playing the cello and the violin. She has played these instruments since the fifth grade. She played in the band and orchestra for the school until she was a freshman in high school, then she started to play the instruments outside of the school.