The Road to Photography

Senior Corrin Hummel talks about her love for photography and what it means to her

Photography is a passion of high school senior Corrin Hummel. Although Hummel’s first official exposure to photography was in a photojournalism class freshman year, her interest in photography began with “my older brother bringing home his high school yearbook, and I would look at all of the interesting pictures and designs.” That coupled with the fact that Hummel’s mother was a photography graduate from Columbia University in Chicago led her to take up the craft. Months later, during her freshman year, Hummel received her first camera, a Nikon. Hummel commented that “I took [my camera] on every trip we went on,” including a family trip to Niagara falls, “and I really fell in love with [photography].”

As she travelled to other countries like Spain and Costa Rica, a camera was always with her. Hummel took a school trip to Spain her sophomore year, and finds that even though it was a trip meant to introduce students to the culture she “got the best pictures” she had ever taken in the country. The following year Hummel took a second trip to a Spanish speaking nation, Costa Rica. While she still considers her pictures from Costa Rica to be very good, she feels that her Spanish photos are better because Spain’s history and rich architecture.

Sports photography has become Corrin’s favorite type of photography. Her love of sports photography has even resulted in a job. Hummel works as a photographer for many local sports teams. She photographs a large variety of different teams including everything from football to T-ball. The main part of Hummel’s job is photographing team and solo portraits of the players.

Photography can be important to a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons. For Hummel photography is “a way to capture people in their essence.” She also enjoys that a person can “capture the expressions of others” and tell a story without words. Hummel feels that it is interesting that although you can capture the subjects expression, their feelings are up to interpretation from the viewer. The most rewarding part for Hummel is the feeling that she “can really tell a story” and communicate through photography.