The Wild Side

Senior Abigail Arvin reaches out to her wild side by exploring the scenery that the Indiana University has to offer. “IU has such a beautiful campus and I enjoy every part of nature it has to offer,” Arvin said. Arvin lives near campus and plans on visiting more of what Indiana University’s nature has to offer.

While the majority of modern teens spend their time playing video games or watching Netflix, Abigail Arvin (12) prefers to spend her time exploring. The senior from Bloomington South High thrives in the outdoor environment. 

“I’m most comfortable in the outdoors with my closest friends,” Arvin said.

Her favorite things to do while amongst the trees are hammocking and hiking. Arvin just recently stumbled upon her love for nature and the wild. 

“The first day of summer this year, my friends and I miraculously ended up on our own little adventure,” Arvin said. 

When Arvin’s original plans fell through, she decided to take her friends to a nearby lake that she had never been to before. Arvin and her friends proceeded to swim and eat dinner on the lake. When the sun started to set on their unexpected adventure, they decided to keep the fun rolling and watching the sunset on a nearby hill. 

“Coming from a person who is annoyed by all the bugs and allergies, I can’t imagine the type of person I would be if I hadn’t decided to be a part of this fun adventure,” Arvin said. 

After experiencing her first adventure with her friends, Arvin now considers herself a thrill-seeker and someone who likes to do things that scare her. 

“If something scares you, that probably means it is something new. Doing new things are what help you grow,” Arvin said. 

With a new perspective of the natural world, Abigail Arvin is ready and willing to take on any fear or any challenge that she is faced with while of course, exploring the world.