theatre WHO: digging deep into the on-stage mindset

Lights. Camera. Action. With two lead roles already accomplished and having stood in the spotlight for seven different shows, Chloe Cronkright has become attached to the sensation of the theatre stage. Excluding elementary performances, Cronkright has seen and performed in various musicals. “I feel like I need an outlet to express myself because I’ve been told that my personality is ‘too much,’” Cronkright said.

Having a big personality has not been a major obstacle according to Cronkright. “It’s good to be like that for theatre because you have to be really extra,” Cronkright said. Cronkright believes her most dynamic role to be Lina Lamont from the musical “Singing in the Rain;” being that “it was challenging, but it was also exciting,” Cronkright said.

Besides performing in school, community theatre has been a sizable inspiration for her. “I’ve done a lot of community theatre, so there’s people that are not from our school and I’ve seen a lot of really talented people,” Cronkright said.

Cronkright said it was an encouragement to see individuals where theatre means so much to them and they don’t mind if they don’t get a lead role. “I knew this girl who has done shows at the theatre since she was eight; at eighteen she was cast in the ensemble for her last role. Most people would have been really upset about that, but she was just happy to be involved. It’s inspiring to see people doing it not for attention or praise, but purely for themselves,” Cronkright said.