Through the Hoop: 1987 IU Men's Basketball Team (Where are They Now by Amy and Alex)

Many have heard of one of the most memorable shots to go down in Hoosier basketball history. IU down by one. Six seconds left in the game. Smart making 15 points in the last 12 minutes. Thirty years have gone by, let’s see what has changed between this tight knit group of teammates.

The Team:

Keith Smart   Then: Point guard(Junior)   Now: Headcoach for the Sacramento Kings

Rick Calloway   Then: Forward(Sophomore)   Now: Owner of Alliance Construction

Daryl Thomas   Then: Forward and team co-captain(Senior)   Now: Assistant coach at a high school near Chicago and basketball instructor at Bulls/Sox Academy

Dean Garrett   Then: Center(Junior)   Now: Supervisor of racing and sports book at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas

Steve Alford   Then: Guard and co-captain(Senior)   Now: Head coach at UCLA

Steve Eyl   Then: Forward(Junior)   Now: President of Sound-Elkin

Kreigh Smith   Then: Forward(Junior)   Now: Farm Bureau Insurance representative

Tony Freeman   Then: Guard(Freshman)   Now: Ordained minister

Brian Sloan   Then: Forward(Junior)   Now: Instructor and physician at the IU School of Medicine

Joe Hillman   Then: Guard(Junior)   Now: Orthopedic salesman

Magnus Pelkowski   Then: Center(Junior)   Now: Artist and landscaper in Germany

Todd Jadlow   Then: Forward(Junior)   Now: Unknown after his professional career in Argentina and Europe

Jeff Oliphant   Then: Guard(Sophomore)   Now: Attorney at The Hastings Law Firm

Todd Meier   Then: Forward and team co-captain(Senior)   Now: Director of Bennington Marine

Dave Minor   Then: Forward(Freshman)   Now: Works for Costco in Chicago

The Coach:

Bobby Knight   Then: Became only third coach to win three national titles   Now: ESPN analyst

“People want national championship banners. People want to talk about Indiana being competitive. How do we get there? We don’t get there with milk and cookies.” – Bobby Knight, coach

The Public View: 

“What do you know about the 1987 IU men’s basketball team?”

“What do you know about the current IU men’s basketball team?”


“A big group of us watched the game in the dorm. Afterward, practically everyone on campus ran to Showalter Fountain — it was crazy!” – Teresa Dixon, student 1990

The Shot: