Total Talent

Whether he is on the pole vault runway or out skateboarding enjoying the outdoors, Junior Nathan Streight from Jennings County High School finds ways to fill his day with thrill-seeking activities. At school, Streight was involved with many different sports and activities. He competed in his first season of pole vault where he cleared a height of 12’6”, he also became a member of the volleyball team where he was the setter, and he was on the wrestling team for two years before he suffered two concussions and a broken collarbone that ended his wrestling career.

“I am involved with a bunch of sports and out of school activities it started at home whenever I would get bored and was looking for something to do but then it became much more serious and became a huge part of my life,” Streight said.

Streight started practicing for the tennis team and dive team for the upcoming season. Outside of sports, Streight joined the Academic Team where he specialized in the social studies and math subjects. He also joined the Spell Bowl where his team almost qualified for state.

Nathan Streight (11) from Jennings County High School takes in the scenic view of the IU Campus.

“I am also very busy at home I find interest in many topics and then became a lot better at the things I did and those too became a huge part of my life,” Streight said.

In his free time, Streight recently had picked up the hobby of skateboarding. He was always fascinated with skateboarding and enjoyed being outdoors so he decided to save up enough money to buy a board of his own. However he has no shortage of guitars, as one of his other favorite hobbies is playing the guitar. Streight has six guitars, two of them are acoustic and four are electric. He has been playing for two years and knows how to play around 15 pieces. Along with guitars, Streight enjoys to play video games in his spare time. He has played many popular titles to completion and has started to branch into different genres of games. 

“My career I want to pursue as of right now is in the medical field and wanted to get back to the community so I thought I would begin my work at a hospital and see if this is what I really wanted,” Streight said.

While balancing his busy schedule, he found the time to volunteer at Schneck Medical Center where he tended to the nursery. He worked every Monday from 4pm to 8pm by fixing the cribs with new blankets and sheets. He also restocks baby items like diapers and burp rags. He handles and restocks the IVs and tuberculosis shots for the kids in need.