Tune in to Journalism

Smile on her face, senior Maggie Bui types a review on her laptop. Bui decided to volunteer at WFHB to keep up with journalistic writing while away from school. “This was around the time of a big drug and homeless issue” Bui said. “They provided me with really good sources.”

Intrigued by journalism and media application, Maggie Bui looks for every opportunity to broaden her horizons and improve her journalistic skills. From Memorial Day to mid-July, Bui spent her time volunteering at local community radio station WFHB. During her time there, Bui was able to strengthen her skills as a journalist and report over real news on the station’s website.

Bui, an incoming senior at Bloomington High School South, is an editor of the school’s yearbook and is eager to find new opportunities to learn about reporting and news writing that can translate into her work at school, or a future career in the subject field.    As a volunteer, Bui worked with others to produce media, written stories in her case, that revolved around local news events. Bui found herself to be the only high school student volunteering with an abundance of college students. While this may be intimidating for some, Bui said that she was used to working with students older than her.

“It’s not the only time I’ve been the only high schooler,” Bui said. “I’ve taken a class at IU.”

Volunteers were given options on how they could contribute to the station, whether that be calling listeners on the phone, reporting over the air or writing stories themselves. Bui chose to write stories and have them produced on the website of the station.

“I was too shy to make calls,” Bui said. “I always picked text-only stories.”

While other incoming seniors attempt to stay away from all things school-related for the summer, Bui jumped at an out-of-school opportunity to gain knowledge. Through opening her eyes to local news she was unaware of and facing some problems in the community, Bui spent part of her summer in a mature environment to help her in the future.

“[The experience] made me more aware of local news,” Bui said. “If I wasn’t there, I’d be ignorant of my general surroundings.” Story and photo by Laura Stancato.