Twenty One Pilots’ album might be released sooner than you think

This graphic is on Twenty One Pilots’ website and may lead to a new album.

Twenty One Pilots has been teasing their fans since July 6th and fans are going crazy. Fans of the band Twenty One Pilots have been trying to put the pieces together after Twenty One Pilots, a band with a huge teenage fanbase, posted pictures of the lyrics with an eye. The black eye looks more like a sketch and has a red eyeball with the Blurryface, one of the band’s albums, symbol as the pupil. Every time a lyric is posted, the eye closes a little more. Many fans speculate that once the eye opens back up, Twenty One Pilots will release their new album.

As a huge fan of the band Twenty One Pilots I can say that I am very excited for whatever is to come. If Twenty One Pilots release a new album this year, they will be keeping a streak of releasing an album every two years. Haven’t you been on Snapchat? No one likes when a person loses their streak. Speculation can’t prove a lot, but Twenty One Pilots confirmed in June 2016 that they had been working on an album. Tyler Joseph, member of Twenty One Pilots, even stated that he felt “a greater sense of freedom and less pressure” with the upcoming album.

I’m really excited for Twenty One Pilots’ next album to be released, but there are a few things I hope they have in the album. One source said that their future music will focus a lot on their past experiences. This is something Twenty One Pilots has done in the past, pun intended. I love the music that Twenty One Pilots has put out and the messages they have shared. The fans, including myself, love that Twenty One Pilots’ songs have multiple messages or themes. I am really looking forward to see more songs with multiple meanings on their next album. Twenty One Pilots has many songs that focus on Christianity, but I’m hoping that Twenty One Pilots will also have songs that focus on equality between religion. I also really want to see more songs on Twenty One Pilots’ album that deal with modern issues. Previously, Twenty One Pilots wrote a song about dealing with anxiety, something many teenagers are dealing with nowadays.

The alternative band Twenty One Pilots originally formed in 2009 with Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih. After self releasing one album, Nick Thomas and Chris Salih left the band in 2011. Now drummer Josh Dun joined the band after the two other members left. The new Twenty One Pilots released an album not long after Josh Dun joined and quickly gained popularity. After getting signed to a label, Twenty One Pilots released their second album, Vessel, in early 2013. Vessel was a big success and in 2015 Twenty One Pilots released their third album, Blurryface. Blurryface was Twenty One Pilots biggest album yet with many songs staying at the top of the charts. They even won a Grammy for it.

Look out for Twenty One Pilots’ new album, and listen to a few of their older albums while you wait. What do you want to see on Twenty One Pilots’ next album? Check out Twenty One Pilots on Twitter @twentyonepilots to spot the tweets for yourself and see if you can solve this tricky puzzle. You can also read more of what Tyler Joseph said about the next album here.