Senior Anne Talbot has high hopes of traveling around the world for new opportunities, experiences

Smiling in front of campus flowers, senior Anne Talbot expresses the happiness she feels from following her dreams of seeing the different parts of the world. “I just like seeing new things, experiencing new things, and doing things we don’t usually get to do where we are now,” said Talbot. Photo by Hannah Johnson.

A life filled with adventure leads to a lifetime of memories and storytelling. Even though she is only a senior, that has not stopped Anne Talbot from Crown Point High School from traveling all around the United States or out of the country. Talbot’s favorite thing to do is travel, and she wants to fill her life with the thrill of new places and new experiences.

She was born in China, the furthest place from the US she has been, and moved to the States at just ten months old. Other than China, the furthest place she has gone from her home is Costa Rica. She travels around the States with her family most of the time, but she also goes to states near Indiana for travel softball games. Some of the most memorable places she has been to include Devil’s Tower, Niagara Falls, and Florida. She recently visited Florida on winter break, and she enjoyed the warm beach and water there on New Years.

At every place she visits, she tries to buy a souvenir.

“Most of the time I get keychains,” said Talbot.

The keychains and other items give her something to remind her of the fun times in various areas.

Although she loves seeing new places frequently, she and her family do not normally enjoy the long drives and transportation time. The feeling of arriving to a new destination and taking in the scene is what gives her the most excitement.

In her future, Talbot said that she would like to explore the globe even further. She was adopted as a baby and never got a real experience of her birthplace.

“I’d like to go back to China. I don’t remember it at all, so I’d like to go back and see what it’s like,” she said.

She seeks the experience of indulging into different cultures in each place she visits. Talbot hopes to satisfy her wanderlust all around the world while encountering new and interesting cultures and adventures.