Welcome to Franklin Hall

Tour Guide: Amy Cornell, Director of Student Services

Videography and editing by Jaelyn White

Photos and editing by Maria Thames

The 2016 PR Team had a chance to tour the new home of IU’s media school, Franklin Hall. Being a prospective student myself, I was ecstatic to tour the new home-base for my potential future major.


The entrance to Franklin Hall is located near the Sample Gates entry to the IU campus.

Above the entrance, the quote, “A good book is the precious life-blood of a master-spirit,” greets the students. This is just a glimpse at what the media students have in store for them behind the doors of Franklin Hall. 

With much of the original interior remaining, designers found a way to incorporate modern touches into the renovated building. Because of a past build-on to the building, a multitude of ramps and tiny staircases lead students to their classrooms, computer labs, and offices.

screen room

Common area of the building. The chairs are facing the screen and the skylight is reflected in the glass.

Walking into the common area of the building, a giant screen welcomes everyone to Franklin Hall-–you can’t miss it. The screen is twenty-three feet by twelve feet and shows up to nine television stations at one time to ensure that students aren’t missing any news. Along with the impressively large screen, an atrium makes up most of the ceiling to provide plenty of natural sunlight.

sign #2

The back wall of the broadcast and film studio.

The TV studio is also a major component to the improved Franklin Hall, with modern touches and a trendy design. The studio also provides natural light with a wall full of windows, but don’t worry producers, these windows won’t mess with the lighting on camera. The windows are designed along with specific lenses used on the cameras to ensure the lighting will always be how students need it to be. 

While leaving Ernie Pyle Hall seems to be bittersweet for the students and staff here at IU, they also agree that the media school just simply didn’t fit anymore. With the newly renovated Franklin Hall as the media school’s new home, students will have an even more in-depth opportunity to study journalism, media, game design, and more. Franklin Hall gives Media School students more room to spread their wings and thrive.

Story by Tess Plazek