WFHB Radio Proves it Cares About the Community

The WFHB radio station is the first station in Bloomington to be community based, accepting volunteers starting in 1993. This particular radio station has also started a non-profit organization in the past which was just the beginning of WFHB showing how much they care for the people of Bloomington.

  1. The WFHB has a radio station has an hour-long segment they do regularly called “BloomingOUT.” BloomingOUT revolves around two radio hosts speaking with people who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community about topics that are relevant to the LGBTQ+ community itself. Subjects spoken about can range from being “out” while involved in sports to concerns involving the government making decisions that could affect the community.
  2. WFHB also has ¡Hola Bloomington! which is news, public affairs, and music all in Spanish. This incorporates Latin and Hispanic culture into news that is otherwise difficult for Spanish-speaking people to access. ¡Hola Bloomington! also covers news from Spanish-speaking countries.
  3. “Bring It On!” is a segment that reports on news and public affairs that could possibly be of interest to the African-American community. This particular segment covers issues that affect African-American people within the government and concerns with African-Americans getting justice in Indiana and nationwide.
  4. “Everyday People” goes over major and minor events in Bloomington. It also goes over what the people of Bloomington think of problems or changes within the city, giving a voice to the people who are affected by certain decisions most.
  5. Another weekly feature called “Bloomington Beware!” is a segment that warns Bloomington residents of scams throughout South Indiana.