Writing Unification

How can Spanish and a love for writing turn into a change for the better.

Emma Havey, senior at Carroll High School, stands in front of the Spanish word “cambio,” as well as the term in English.

In trying times it can be hard not to feel helpless. It can be difficult to figure out what you can do to make a difference. Emma Havey, however, plans to combine her two passions to make the change she wants to see in her country. The question still stands, how can you change the world with spanish and writing?
It all started for Emma in the 6th grade. Her teacher, Kaitlin Houser, instructed them to write a creative short story. This possibly could be seen as an average middle school assignment, but, for Emma, this was much more. She found herself working harder then most of the other kids in her class, and enjoying her work as well. After turning in her grand achievement, Mrs. Houser complimented her work and told her how great her story was. This sprung into action a love for writing, and the beginning of something even she couldn’t have guessed. “When she complimented my story after having worked so hard it just felt natural to keep writing,” Emma explained.
It wasn’t until two years later that she found her second passion, Spanish. She was then faced with the challenge, how can she pursue her two passions? What can she accomplish with the two things she loves to do? Her response was tainted with a complex simplistic answer, she wanted to write and translate her novels to lessen the impact of the major language barrier America often times processes. She wanted to do something bigger and better. “With everything going on right now I want to write something to make people feel more included.” Emma said. Even though she is merely a senior in high school, she already has a greater plan for the future, and with it a better future for us.