Young Talent

At the early age of eight Zakyra Fox-Holland won a very prestigious art award at her elementary school. Being an art based school it was a very big accomplishment for such a young girl. The winning portrait drawn was a beautiful representation of the close bond she shares with her parents, the picture portrayed both of her parents and herself.

Admiring the inspirational graffiti art work the side of the building Sophomore, Zakyra Fox-Holland has an exploding raw talent. Her talent has always been there of course considering her inspiration is right at home. Fox-Holland explains, “My dad used to do graffiti when I was little younger and that’s what inspired me to draw and be so creative”. Her talent was discovered at a really young age and she still continues to demonstrate it in many ways.

Her inspiration has grown throughout the years with the help of her dad. He is the seed that has sprouted the inspiration in all of her past and future art work. Fox-Holland said, “My dad used to do graffiti when I was younger and that’s what inspired me to draw and be so creative.”

In 6th grade Zakyra broke her arm and her dad drew her name on the cast making it more bearable to deal with and helped her cast look more colorful and vibrant.  

At the start of every year when all the students are either very eager or upset about gathering all of the needed school supplies into their new book bags, Zakyra is ready to rock her new one of a kind book bag. It has become a tradition for her dad to draw Zakyra and her sisters names on their new book bags.

Although her close family and friends know about her exceeding talent many others do not. She considers her talent to be “hidden” as well as her dad’s.

“Drawing and art are both my dad and I’s hidden talent.” Fox-Holland said.

Growing up exceeding in arts and drawing, it inspired her to join the yearbook staff. Zakyra believes her drawing background helps her create more innovative graphics and designs that are a great addition to her school yearbook.

“My past somewhat inspired me to do yearbook, because my drawing background can help me make cool graphics,” Fox-Holland said.

 Now being a sophomore at Richmond High School she continues to share her talents as people’s editor, on the yearbook staff. Fox-Holland expressed her hope for a career in design and is looking forward to continue expressing her talents in different ways.