You've Been Lawyered

Although Mia Morales is currently attending an institute for journalism, she finds herself more captivated with the works of law. Morales’ interest in law first sparked when her best friend, Khadijah Guisse, suggested she join the Mock Trials Club. Mock Trials Club are for students who enjoy a combination of acting, public speaking and law.

Sophomore, Mia Morales, diligently works on her laptop July 17.

“Once a week we competed against other teams. I had a character in which I had to act out and read her statement,” Morales said. “Even though I had a character I had to stick to, I still have to know how to answer the questions.”

Looking ahead after college, Morales hopes to be a lawyer. Joining a club which is based around law implanted the idea for her future occupation. As a dedicated student, she shows maturity beyond her years by putting academics first to succeed further in life.

“I’ve thought about being a lawyer because of Mock Trial. I was really good at it,” Morales said. “Even though I sometimes struggle with the public speaking, I feel like since I’m more mature in a way that I sit and analyze someone before making a judgement that it makes me want to help someone get out of bad situations.”

Morales plans on continuing to be a member of the Mock Trials Club until she graduates. With yearbook and Mock Trials taking up most of her time, she sadly made the decision not to join theater. Being a photographer and a lawyer only as a sophomore, shows the responsibility and dedication she upholds. Photo and story by Ilene Marzke.